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Beyond Software; A Holistic Approach to Deployment

Experience has taught us that analysis, while invaluable, is just one piece of the puzzle. True success in addressing patrol demands requires a consistent, defensible process for regular workload evaluation. It’s not just about having the right tools, but also about smartly implementing changes, measuring the impact of those changes, while ensuring transparency and defensibility throughout the process. We take pride in our proven methodology that optimizes deployment and instills confidence. Every decision is backed by in-depth data, with each change meticulously measured, ensuring every stakeholder is confident in the integrity of the process.

Deploy Plus

Decades of Expertise in Law Enforcement Data Analysis

For nearly 30 years, we’ve been at the forefront of law enforcement data analytics. Our deep-rooted experience stems from our meticulous analysis of data from more than thirty different types of CAD systems, providing unparalleled insights into all of the demand placed on patrol officers, not just the number of calls. By diving deeper into this additional data, we distill the demand patterns for an average week, breaking it down to every hour of the day and each day of the week. This granular approach allows us to recognize that not all calls are the same, so you can match the ebb and flow of service demands with greater precision.


Depth of Analysis Provides Defensibility of Data

Not all calls for service are the same, nor do they require the same response. Our platform offers a deep dive into CAD data to account for all recorded time. When measuring the demand for patrol officers, it’s critical to look beyond just the number of calls. We also consider:

  • The time spent by every officer driving to and on-scene at the call
  • The number of officers required in the response
  • Where and when the calls are coming in
  • Cross-coverage between geographic areas
  • Administrative time (report-writing, meal breaks, briefing, etc.)

The most accurate representation of the demand placed on each officer includes a complete picture of their workload considering both obligated and unobligated time during each hour of every day. Using this as a foundation, you can give ample time for your officers to complete their essential duties–balanced across all beats and shifts.


Quality Control Ensures Accurate Interpretation

Inaccuracies and misclassification of CAD data are common. Our expertise with CAD systems–specifically their raw data–gives us the capability to overcome anomalies and missing data elements that could lead to inaccurate conclusions.

We recognize that every agency has its own unique approach to utilizing CAD. By collaborating closely with your team, we ensure a precise interpretation of your distinct data.


Innovative Software for Comprehensive Insights

Our original software is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. Designed to extract the most comprehensive data from CAD systems, it ensures that no detail is overlooked. Our robust and established tools allows us to delve deep into the nuances of service demand, ensuring that patrol officers are deployed in the most efficient manner. Our goal is to ensure that every area of coverage receives equitable attention, regardless of the time or day.

  • Deploy™ web-based police staffing software , to align your patrol schedule with the actual demand from your community
  • Strategic staffing workshops, to ensure your agency gets the most out of the investment
  • Ongoing analysis of trends and insights to keep your finger on the pulse of patrol workload
  • Forecasted hourly and daily “what-if?” performance metrics to compare and contrast different officer deployment plans
  • Defensible methodology for balancing officer workload, evaluating patrol schedules, justifying additional resources, and determining the number of officers required to meet specific operational goals

Corona Solutions uses a Demand-Driven Deployment Platform to provide the tools you need to optimize your deployment based on continual and comprehensive measurement of the workload placed on each of your officers.