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Community-Centered Deployment Plans

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Police Staffing, Scheduling and Deployment Services (720) 685-9550

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Deploy the Right Number of Patrol Officers in the Right Areas at the Right Times

Our goal is to help police and sheriffs schedule the right number of patrol officers in the right areas at the right times. To accomplish this, years of historical records tracked by a Computer-Aided Dispatch system will be collected, cleansed, and audited. This data is then analyzed using advanced algorithms to find the ideal allocation of officers to a beat plan and schedule while considering days off, shift length, number of teams, and coverage area per officer. A complete picture of an officer’s time includes:

  • Driving to and on-scene at calls for service
  • Officer-initiated activity
  • Writing reports
  • Meal breaks, meetings, training, etc. (admin time)
  • Untracked time
  • Sick, vacation, military, etc.

Our Demand-Driven Deployment Platform Fosters Better Community Relationships

Corona Solutions has created a unique demand-driven deployment platform to rightsize beat plans that foster community engagement. A positive connection with the community is cultivated through intentional relationships between law enforcement and the neighborhoods they are entrusted to protect.

By adopting a geographic policing strategy and repeatedly having the same patrol officers in the same communities to create trust and familiarity, agencies can champion the kind of partnership to which they aspire.

Time, the essential commodity, is needed to preserve these partnerships. Using a data-driven approach, we’ll provide a strategic framework to build balanced beats, sectors, and divisions while efficiently scheduling and deploying patrol officers using a complete community-centered deployment plan.

We are proud to offer community-centered deployment plans as part of our Deploy Plus service.

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