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Prevent Officer Burnout

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Find a Balance; Prioritizing Officer Well-Being

One proactive approach to mitigate this problem is to strategically schedule new recruits. By placing them in areas and times where their presence can be most impactful based on defensible data, these new officers can provide relief to overworked areas and reduce the overall stress on the force.

Another effective strategy is to modify shift overlaps, ensuring officers aren’t consistently held beyond their scheduled hours. By aligning the shifts more closely with peak demand, we can recoup limited overtime dollars while providing a more balanced workload for officers.

Our unique demand-driven deployment platform provides you with the data and insights necessary to balance officer workloads, reduce burnout and improve retention.

Identify the Symptoms

Officer burnout is a pressing issue that can’t be ignored. The constant demands of the job, coupled with the unique challenges of policing, make officers particularly susceptible. A significant contributor to this burnout is the expectation for officers to cover additional shifts, work extended hours, or handle a continuous stream of emergency calls. These factors not only strain them physically, but also take a toll on their mental well-being.

Symptoms of officer burnout may include:

  • Insufficient sleep leading to fatigue
  • Decreased performance
  • Increased mistakes
  • Short and long-term health problems
  • Low morale
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