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Police Staffing, Scheduling and Deployment Services (720) 685-9550

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Police Staffing, Scheduling and Deployment Services (720) 685-9550

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Innovative Software and Services

A Colorado corporation founded in 1995, Corona Solutions offers innovative software and services to assist small, medium, and large local law-enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We partner with agencies to implement a data-driven approach optimizing the geographic deployment and scheduling of patrol officers to best align with the varying demand from their communities.

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Our Demand-Driven Deployment Platform

Corona Solutions uses a Demand-Driven Deployment Platform to provide the tools you need to optimize your deployment based on continual and comprehensive measurement of the workload placed on each of your officers.

We provide:

  • Our original Deploy™ web-based police staffing software  to align your patrol schedule with the actual demand from your community
  • Strategic staffing workshops
  • Ongoing analysis of trends and insights
  • Forecasted hourly and daily “what-if?” performance metrics to compare and contrast different officer deployment plans
  • Defensible methodology for balancing officer workload, evaluating patrol schedules, justifying additional resources, and determining the number of officers required to meet specific operational goals

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