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Defensible and Data-Driven

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Police Staffing, Scheduling and Deployment Services (720) 685-9550

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An Unbiased Approach to Place New Recruits for the Strongest Impact

Deploy™ provides an objective and transparent foundation for deciding where and when to schedule new recruits. By focusing on actual needs and trends, command staff can ensure equitable and efficient allocation of fresh personnel, reducing internal conflicts and power struggles. Enhance overall performance and encourage accountability as decisions become more defensible using concrete data.

Go Beyond Surface-Level Analysis for More Confidence in Your Planning

In today’s data-driven world, it is important that stakeholders have the highest level of confidence in the analysis and truly understand the numbers they are working with. With an abundance of information available, the challenge lies in leveraging this data at a deep enough level necessary to make informed and defensible decisions.

Depth of Analysis Provides Defensibility of Data

Not all calls for service are the same, nor do they require the same response. Our platform offers a deep dive into CAD data to account for all recorded time. When measuring the demand for patrol officers, it’s critical to look beyond just the number of calls. We also consider:

  • The time spent by every officer driving to and on-scene at the call
  • The number of officers required in the response
  • Where and when the calls are coming in
  • Cross-coverage between geographic areas
  • Administrative time (report-writing, meal breaks, briefing, etc.)

The most accurate representation of the demand placed on each officer includes a complete picture of their workload considering both obligated and unobligated time during each hour of every day. Using this as a foundation, you can give ample time for your officers to complete their essential duties–balanced across all beats and shifts.

We Need More Officers, But Exactly How Many?

Using our exclusive Deploy™ police staffing web-app, you can determine the precise number of officers needed on any patrol schedule to achieve performance goals such as:

  • Response time (emergency and non-emergency)
  • Maximum obligated time per officer
  • Number of officers available

Enhance Union Negotiations

Letting data drive the process provides an impartial, evidence-based appraisal of fair workload while considering different schedule and rotation options.

Deploy™ prioritizes a balance between officers’ quality of life preferences and quantitative scheduling requirements, especially during periods of high demand.

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