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Police Staffing, Scheduling and Deployment Services (720) 685-9550

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Deploy Officers When and Where They’re Needed Most

Corona Solutions understands the unique challenges that law-enforcement agencies are facing. That’s why we’re leading the way in providing tools that help schedule and deploy officers when and where they’re needed most.

We have helped many agencies realize a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Balanced workload

    Our Deploy Plus platform will help you allocate your resources in the most efficient way, so that your available number of officers on each shift within their assigned areas aligns with the actual demand.

  • Increased officer safety

    Optimal scheduling promotes officer well-being and enhances safety. By analyzing past data and projecting future needs, resources are efficiently allocated when and where they’re most needed. Maintaining a consistent number of officers available for backup is paramount to officer safety.

  • Reduced officer burnout

    Officer burnout is one of the primary issues impacting many law enforcement agencies today. Our demand-driven deployment platform will help you schedule your officers in a more equitable way to improve working conditions, encouraging officer retention.

  • Consistently quicker response times

    Having the right number of officers available for each shift is critical to minimizing your response times. As the number of calls for service fluctuates, you can plan to have enough officers available to immediately respond, no matter when calls are received.

  • Defensible methodology

    Our comprehensive analysis of data provides you with the insights necessary to make defensible decisions about your officer deployment with the highest level of confidence and transparency in the process.

How Can We Help You?

In the ever-changing climate of today’s policing, we understand and help our client agencies overcome very specific challenges.

I’m hearing from my patrol officers that they’re running from call-to-call because they are so busy

There are likely times of the week when staffing is inadequate for the varying demand for service. By strategically scheduling and deploying your current number of officers using our original Deploy™ Staffing Web App, you can match the per officer workload consistently throughout the entire week.

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Officers are feeling burnt out due to fill-ins and being held over after the end of their shift

Improve officer health and safety by ensuring each hour is covered appropriately. Officers should have enough time before the end of their shift to complete all of their duties.

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We need more officers, but exactly how many?

Before answering this question, we need to ask, “To do what, exactly?”

Using our Deploy™ Web App, you can project specific hourly metrics such as:

  • Response time (emergency and non-emergency)
  • Maximum obligated time per officer
  • Number of officers available

Be ready with the most defensible projections comparing the level of service that could be provided by different number of officers scheduled throughout the week.

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Watch commanders are fighting over new recruits

Using Deploy, get the most defensible and comprehensive measurements of workload to determine when and where new recruits can help the most.

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We know something needs to change, but the union is resistant

Every work schedule is a compromise between officer satisfaction and efficiency. By using an unbiased, evidence-based approach, you can easily compare and present multiple deployment options.

For any possible schedule, our Deploy™ Web Application will quickly calculate what you can expect for these and other metrics:

  • Number of officers available
  • Response times
  • Un-obligated time

…for every hour of every day

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We’re not meeting our response time goals

Even if you can’t immediately add officers, improving response times can be accomplished by ensuring there are enough available at the moment a call comes in. With Deploy™, you can project response times (emergency and non-emergency) by redeploying the number of officers you currently have.

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