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Police Staffing, Scheduling and Deployment Services (720) 685-9550

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A Demand-Driven Solution for Balanced Patrol Deployment

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Patrol Workload Analysis, Scheduling, Software and Redistricting

Planning For Equitable Demand Per Officer Since 1995

As a forward-thinking law enforcement agency, partnering with Corona Solutions is the first step toward your most efficient and defensible patrol deployment plan–regardless of your agency’s size.

Our exclusive Demand-Driven Deployment Platform is an innovative method of approaching police patrol operations management.

Since 1995, Corona Solutions has partnered with police and sheriffs internationally, giving them confidence in their patrol deployment decisions. A balanced deployment minimizes overtime expenses, prevents officer fatigue, reduces response times, and improves safety. We provide unique, in-depth analysis and proprietary deployment software based on defensible data. This strategy ensures actual demand for service is the basis of scheduling the right number of officers to best serve your community.

Our tools go deeper than determining just who is scheduled, and determines the optimal number of people in the right areas at the right times.

Benefits of a Demand-Driven Deployment

These benefits and more.

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