Ops Force

Operations Management System

Ops Force is a comprehensive software solution for law enforcement agencies interested in proactively improving their agency's operational efficiency. Ops Force gives you the power and insight of "time analysis" as well as the key to optimal patrol deployment for your agency -- two essential components of good operations management. After all, how can you fight crime if you don't have the time?

5 things Ops Force will do for you:

  1. Justify minimum patrol levels using a proven resource allocation model
  2. Forecast future staffing requirements to meet a growing demand for service
  3. Find the optimal schedule for your agency
  4. Balance & distribute workload most efficiently
  5. Discover what's consuming your officers' time

Ops Force features two main components: Discover and Deploy. Sold separately or together as a powerful operations management system, Ops Force looks at yesterday, today and tomorrow, keeping you "one step ahead" of activity and trends in the communities you serve.

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