Reliable access to critical information - when you need it

Do you have data in your CAD system that is difficult to retrieve? How much time does it take you or someone else to extract the information you're looking for? Does your system deliver your results in a digestible format? And does it send you alerts immediately? Your agency needs dependable, easy access to information that will assist you with the important decisions you face. If your current system doesn't do that, it's time to upgrade to Discover.

  • Instant keyword searches such as names, license plates and vehicle descriptions
  • Keyword or address-triggered alerts to e-mail or SMS text message
  • Integrates with virtually any CAD system
  • Automated e-mail delivery of reports
  • Real-time updates to Neighborhood Update™

Gain insight into current events, know what neighborhoods are developing problems, and track the trends that suggest what will happen tomorrow.

"Discover has been a critical tool for me to do my job."

Discover shows you when, where, and for how long your officers are needed. Use Deploy to match your patrol schedule to this demand.

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