Your community is changing... are you?

Each city has its own culture, its own dynamic, and its own service needs. No two cities are exactly the same, which is why every law-enforcement agency needs a customized plan to best serve their community. As a community grows and changes, so should their patrol operations. Deploy Plus is a new service that offers detailed periodic analysis of patrol operations, staffing, and scheduling done by experienced analysts. Our goal is to answer two questions: “How well are we doing?” and “How can we improve?”

Today's law-enforcement agencies are expected to provide consistent service levels to their community while providing officers enough proactive time to fight evolving crime trends. Making efficient use of your resources—your people— requires analysis of how they spend their time. Perhaps you don’t have enough people to handle service demands, or maybe those resources just need to be deployed differently.

Time analysis can find the most efficient ways to manage your patrol operations by calculating the number of officers needed, and how they should be scheduled to meet demand for service in addition to service goals. Deploy Plus delivers this analysis in a comprehensive yet digestible format that immediately brings attention to inefficiencies in scheduling.

Few law-enforcement agencies have the tools, time, and personnel resources to perform regular operations analysis. We'll do the work for you so you can focus on day-to-day operations while we provide the analysis needed for efficient deployment of your resources.

Deploy Plus includes unlimited access to our Ops Force: Deploy application including Project Bullseye.

Reports will include:
  • Moving window comparisons vs last year
  • Separate evaluation at a district level
  • Recommended changes to patrol schedules
  • Summary of officers' consumed time
  • Trending types of calls for service

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