Understand Your Demands

Are you confident that you have the right number of officers in the right place at the right time? Have you wondered what the impact of switching from an 8-hour to a 10-hour schedule would be? Or where you would reallocate officers if budget cuts required that you reduce staff?

Deploy tells you how many officers you need to match your workload and meet your operational goals, as well as how to best schedule and allocate the officers you have. Deploy uses a proven mathematical model to analyze your actual workload data and provides immediate, trustworthy recommendations for staffing levels. In addition, Deploy's forward-looking model allows you to plan for "what if" situations such as staff reductions or increased activity levels.

We understand the unique demands placed on the scheduling of patrol officers. Rotating shifts, union negotiations, overtime assignments, and prioritizing proactive time -- these are just a few of the variables you must balance with the demands of responding to your calls for service. Deploy allows you to balance all of the factors involved in effective staffing.

How does it work?

Deploy helps you find the optimal schedule by matching your staffing levels to your workload. Workload is derived by analyzing significant amounts of data stored by your CAD system. We have spent the last twenty years fine-tuning our compatibility with dozens of different CAD systems. Deploy learns exactly when, where, and for how long your officers are required to handle calls for service. It then gives you the power to optimally staff any schedule to meet the demands placed on your patrol resources.

  • Quickly assess the impact of schedule changes
  • Eliminate excess overtime
  • Instantly view and compare scheduling efficiency and cost
  • Easily visualize the connection between your schedule and the level of service provided to the community
  • Justify staffing requirements to budget authorities
"Thanks to Deploy, we can prove unequivocally that we have exactly the right number of personnel available at the right times".

Once you know how to best deploy your officers, use Discover to justify your data-driven decisions.

*Ops Force: Deploy includes optional participation in the Neighborhood Update program

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