Project Bullseye

Introducing the future of patrol scheduling

Finding the best work schedule for your patrol officers is a difficult task. Trying to balance fair shift lengths, number of teams, number of officers working, start times, and days off has been a challenge faced by every staffing supervisor for as long as 24-hour patrol coverage has existed. The job of finding the ideal schedule requires consideration of the goals of officer satisfaction, their safety, and demand for service from your community. Satisfying all of these requirements has been a nearly impossible task until now.

Project Bullseye is a new development from Corona Solutions that brings the power of distributed computing to every police department. The number of teams, their start times, and their days on and off are all variables that need to be considered when designing your schedule. Changing any one of these things can dramatically affect your officers' ability to respond to calls for service as well as maintain acceptable proactive time.

The number of possible designs for a patrol schedule is mind-boggling. Project Bullseye will consider millions of possible combinations of these variables to seek a schedule that best matches your actual demand for service. You need only to define a few basic goals and our array of powerful computers will work together to consider this problem and automatically present a list of multiple recommended schedules and staffing levels, ranked by their alignment with the varying needs of your community.

Project Bullseye is available in Deploy and Deploy Plus

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